Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leave Santa a Beer and Dark Chocolate-NOT Milk and Cookies

It (Like many other ridiculous things) has become a Tradition for children to leave the Big Guy a Glass of Milk and Some Cholesterol Bombing, Fat Laden Animal Product filled Cookies. (Made with Dairy and/or Eggs).

But let us rethink this Whole thing here for a moment…

Here is why I am saying that this Christmas Leave Santa a Beer and Dark Chocolate.

The Milk…

First off, Milk is Horrible in terms of Animal Abuse and Suffering. Female cows are Forced to continually get pregnant and give birth (Contrary to the Happy Little Myth that Cows “Need“ to be Milked and therefore “Like” it). As soon as their young Calves are born, they are ripped away from the Mothers side and tethered (chained) up in a tiny crate for 18 to 20 weeks, where they cannot even turn around.

Further more, the said Crate is housed (many times) in a windowless barn or shed and the Milk that was Meant for them goes to…you haven’t guessed it yet?

Humans are the answer!!!
We are the Only species on the Planet that

A) Drinks Milk after infancy.
B) Consumes the Milk of another Species.

So, the calves cry for their Mom (As all Infants do), and the Mothers cry for their babies (As all Mothers would do if their child was kidnapped).

The calves are feed a gross concoction of liquid milk substitute, deficient in iron and fiber, which is designed to make the animals anemic, resulting in the light-colored flesh that is prized as veal. Some calves are killed at just a few days old to be sold as low-grade 'bob' veal for products like frozen TV dinners.
The Mother Cows produce ten times the Milk they would produce naturally. Their poor stressed, and battered bodies make them Highly Vulnerable to Many Health problems. Approximately half of the country's dairy cows suffer from mastitis, a bacterial infection of their udders.

In a Healthy Environment, cows would live in excess of twenty-five years, but on Todays Farms, they are slaughtered and made into ground beef after just three or four years.

Their bodies are so worn out and wrecked at this point that they became a huge source of "downed animals" — animals that are so sick or injured that they are unable to walk or even stand. There are Many documented cases of downed animals being beaten, dragged, or pushed with bulldozers or Forklifts in attempts to move them to slaughter.

It is inhumane, can’t be right, and Santa wants NONE of it!!!

Lets look at a chart of Beer vs. Milk…which is worse for Old St. Nick?

United States Department of Agriculture Nutritional Data for Milk and Beer

                        MILK (I cup, 2% milk)  BEER (I cup)

Fat (g)                         5                                  0

Fiber (g)                     0                                 .5

Sodium (mg)            122                             12

Cholesterol (mg)       20                              0

Calories                       122                             97

Calories from fat (%)  37                              0

Milk is Clearly not good for you at all, calcium can be found in many other places, there is as much or more calcium in 4 ounces of firm tofu or 3/4 cup of collard greens as there is in one cup of cow's milk, proving that Humans Do Not Need Dairy at All.

Clear Winner is Beer!
Dump the Milk and Crack Open a Cold One For Santa!!!

Onto the cookies (Which are fine if they are Vegan, but Santa Wants Dark Chocolate)!!!

Many cookies today are made with eggs, and the birds that lay these eggs are painfully de beaked with no pain killers (Some die just from this). After being mutilated, hens are shoved into tiny wire “battery” cages, which measure roughly 18 by 20 inches and hold five to 11 hens (average wingspan for 1 bird is 32 inches)

Battery cages are stacked on top of each other, and excrement constantly falls onto the birds in the lower cages and into huge manure pits that line the sheds.

The stench of ammonia and feces is everywhere (Worker can’t even enter without masks), and disease comes easily in the filthy, cramped sheds. Some birds die in the cages and are left to rot next to the other birds.

Male chicks are of no use to the egg industry, so every year; millions of them are tossed into trash bags to suffocate or are thrown into high-speed grinders called macerators while they are still alive. Some are simply thrown away alive.
After 2 years of this nightmare, the chicken’s bodies (just like the cows) are so over stressed and diseased they are sent to a slaughterhouse to be killed.
Most of the time their bodies are so messed up the Meat industry can’t sell them as whole chicken parts so they go into soups or to pet food companies.

What about Santa’s (and your) Health?

Eggs are just plain horrible for your health. One egg has as much cholesterol as three servings of beef tenderloin. ( Keep in mind that All vegan foods are cholesterol-free.)
Many of the eggs bought right in your grocery store are infected with salmonella, and other bacteria.

Dark Chocolate  (Vegan-No Milk)

Dark chocolate (Vegan) on the other hand is actually good for your heart.
It can Lower your Blood Pressure and Lower your Cholesterol (LDL-the bad cholesterol) by up to 10 percent.
Dark Chocolate is also an antioxidant, tastes great and stimulates your endorphins!!!
Plus, believe it or Not Beer and Dark Chocolate Go Great together!!!!

The Choice is Easy this Year…

Santa Wants a Beer (He’s Not Driving, the Reindeer are!!!) and Some Dark Chocolate!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

All You Have To Do Is Read, Feel...Then Change.

Please take Just a Moment to Read up on Just Exactly What These Great Animals, Even The Lucky Rescued Ones Endure!!!

Meet Cassie...she could have ended up on your Plate after a Horrible, Inhumane, Violent Death!!!

                                                   Cassie @ Maple Farm Sanctuary

Thankfully for Her...The Great People at Maple Farm Sanctuary Rescued Her!!!
She lept over a 6 Foot Fence at the Slaughterhouse to Be Free!!!
And Now She suffers from Agoraphobia and well as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder!!!
We Can End This Right Now...Today!
Support Sanctuaries!!!! Go Vegan!!!! And...
Save Everything!!!!

Also Fan Maple Farm Sanctuary On Facebook Here:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis the Season to Give to Farm Sanctuary

Just got our Holiday Card for our Christmas Donation!!! Beautiful Card!!! Thank you!!! Please Give To Them !!! Any Amount Will Help!!! They Do Awesome Work!!!!
We asked for this to be our "Stocking Stuffer" Too. Do the Same!!! You Got Enough Crap Lying Around and Collecting Dust Already!!!

Donate Here:

                                                           Farm Sanctuary

Finally...Good News and Reason to Dance!!!!

Finally...Good News and Reason to Dance!!!!

The Ending of The Cruelty of India's Dancing Sloth Bears!


Beauty Without Cruelty (India)

All Beings Deserve the Basic Right to Be Free!!!
This is NOT Open to Discussion, Opinion, Tradition, or Anything Else...Period!

                                                                       © WSPA
Please Read About the Victory for these Beautiful Animals!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Way it Should Look...The Truth!

The Way it Should Look...The Truth!
A competition launched by the Convention On Migratory Species (and sponsored by the United Nations) has produced some classic movie posters with a new twist...they are Pro-Animal!!!!

Thank you to Ecorazzi for the Great Story!!!
And Think About Just How Much Your Choices Impact the World!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you Paul McCartney and Begs the Question What Are You Doing?

It can sometimes take Someone in a "High" Position in our Society and World to get things on the Minds and Change them.
But Never Forget that even YOU...Yes YOU can make just as Big of an Impact as Sir Paul McCartney!!!
Paul McCartney Calls on the Leaders Around the Globe to Change Policies and Recognize the Destruction the Meat Industry is Doing!!!!

It Begs the Question...What are you Doing?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Um...How About We Do This Each and Every Day?

Um...How About We Do This Each and Every Day?
Including When We sit down to Eat or When We Dress Ourselves Every Morning.
Compassion should Not just Exist on One or even a Few Days...
Or to One or a Few Living Beings...It Should Be Universal and Omnipresent. Period.

                                              Jerry Lampen / Reuters
A deacon blesses a guinea pig in the Church of the Holy Heart in Schiedam, The Netherlands.
Catholic churches around the world hold ceremonies honoring animals on Oct. 4 every year in
commemoration of the death of Saint Francis of Assisi. St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, died on Oct. 3, 1226, and was canonized in 1228

Also Known as Soulless, Thoughtless Evil Demons That Care Only About Themselves Bad People Fair

There Is something Wrong about the fact that this Beautiful Baby Animal will be Violently Ripped from it's Mother and then Inhumanely Killed.
And People Go on about their "Busy" Day, actually thinking they are "Good" People living in a "Good" World.
And the fact that People can display, watch and then pick out a Baby to be Torn away from it's Mothers side because A Person "Wants" to Kill and Eat!!! It is completely absurd and Must be Stopped!!!!
Luckily it is in our Power to Stop it...If We would ALL just wake up, Feel and Make a Change to Help (and Not Hurt) All Beings on the Earth.

                                                          Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters
A lamb stands with its mother at an enclosure at the agriculture and food fair in Switzerland (Also Known as Soulless, Thoughtless Evil Demons That Care Only About Themselves Bad People Fair)

Any (and sadly, Every) Minute of the Day...

At Any (and sadly Every) Minute of the Day, I can ask Myself...What the F*&k is Wrong With the Human Race!!! And There is No Justice for these Injustices!!!

                                                                            Desmond Boylan / Reuters

A man (A**Hole) carries (Tortures) on the back of his bicycle a live pig, which he plans to sell (Exploit), in Sagua La Grande, Province of Villa Clara in central Cuba.

Can you Imagine...Looking out at your Killer with No Means of Escape?

Can you Imagine...Looking out at your Killer with No Means of Escape?

                                                                                          Elise Amendola / AP

-Two turkeys look out from their pen (Prison) as customers (A.K.A.-Selfish Bastards) wait to get into the retail store at Raymond's Turkey Farm in Methuen, Mass. Owner Jim Rischer (Serial Animal Killer) expects to sell 10,000 turkeys in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving.

No Debate Required...

                                                                                         Umit Bektas / Reuters

Sheep are carried in the trunk of a car before they are sacrificed on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha in Ankara, Turkey. Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha to mark the end of the haj by slaughtering sheep, goats, cows and camels.

This is Horrible, and Must Be Stopped!!! No Debate Required...Stop It!!!

10 Flagship Species for Climate Change Slideshow!!!

10 Flagship Species for Climate Change!!!
We Must Stop This, and The Best way is for the World to Go Vegan!!!!
Please Watch Slideshow of the Species here-

Thursday, December 10, 2009


BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!!! WARNING!!!! ATTENTION!!!! All Slaughterhouses, Factory Farmers, Fur Farmers, Zoos, Circuses, Breeders, Hunters, Fisherman, Trappers, Poachers, Animal Fighters & Abusers, and Every Meat Eater on the Planet…We’re Going to Rob You of Your Cause!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

29 Years Ago Today...Peace Can Still Happen-If You Want It.

29 Years Ago Today…
John Lennon was Brutally Murdered outside His Apartment in New York City. I am a huge Fan of all The Beatles, and listen to them (and their solo stuff) quite frequently. But it got me thinking about what changes these Great, Brilliant, World Changing Artists have made in the Last 29 years.
Sadly I feel that while we have made strides toward Peace, they are minuet and move at a very slow pace. John Lennon was Teaching Peace Decades ago to a very Large Crowd, and what has happened to the Message? As I previously said, we have made some advancements, but what about the things that really matter? For instance, those without a voice –Be it a Starving Child, an Abused Spouse, a Beaten Dog or a Pig that was kept in a crate, only seeing the Light of day on the very day it is Brutally Murdered Like John Lennon.
John Lennon Famously said…
War is Over…if you want it.
Yet, not very much has change since his Genius tried to compel the rest of the World to be Non-Violent.
But, his words ring true today, in every way. From the animals we torture and kill-to helping needy children, and even treating a stranger with kindness.
John Lennon also Famously said…
Give Peace a Chance.
Have we Really done either of these things? As far as I see it, we celebrate a memory or a time when we turn on John or The Beatles, but what about the Message?
Lets start Not just celebrating the Music or the trip down Amnesia Lane that it gives us, but let us Live the Life of the Meanings of their music and art.
And Finally, we will never know, sorrowfully, what other Revolutions he could have aroused in us. Though I was too young to Remember him, I will Love him always. But in our Hearts and Minds, we need to Be the Changes, not just Remember them. Peace can Begin Right On Your Plate. And if you get Lost along the way in our Fast, Modern, Selfish World, Apply a word of Wisdom from Mr. John Lennon…

All You Need Is Love

Monday, December 7, 2009

Read up on the Amazing Work My Favorite Organization Does. Click on the Year, and then Click an Animal, and Warm Your Heart While Educating Yourself to The Way It Can...and Should Be.

Go Vegan for Peace on Earth This Holiday Season!!!!
And Please Consider Donating to this Wonderful Organization!!!!
They give Me Hope when I feel down about the World...
Farm Sanctuary is quite simply...The Best.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Real Cost of Meat

People around the Globe spend very little time focusing on anything other than themselves and the tiny, tiny universe around them (Which is to say that said universe means family, friends and if we are lucky, local community). Most humans never stop to think that the Actions they take and make literally change the World.
When we are so self-involved running Johnny to soccer practice, Jane to Ballet, Working, Cleaning, etc. we do not take even one second to think about the amount of Devastation we are causing by "Just grabbing something to eat."

Be it Animal Suffering, World Hunger/Starvation, Human Health/Obesity/Disease or Actually Going Green!!!

It seems Absurd that in year 2009 (2010 to come in Less than 30 days) we still Eat Animals armed with the knowledge we ALL have.

It is NOT "just grabbing something to eat." It is Changing our World...

Real Cost of Meat Slideshow-Click Link.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No Heat...From Hassle to Humble in Less than 60 Seconds

Gas was out for 2 days...that really sucked. No heat, No Hot water, No Stove...We used every dish in the House eating Microwaved (Hate it, but thankful we got it!) Soup and Peanut Butter. No showers/handwashing. Space Heaters to thwart off the cold, bundled up in our Hoodies. Tons of People in and out of the House seeing me in my only clean clothes (Super Mario PJ Pants, Ringer Tee and a Plain Black Hoodie). No Sleep. We had a second electric heater in our spare room which kept All the Critters very Warm and Safe. Got it back Last night around 11:15p.m. Everything getting back to normal... It was like a Bad camping trip (I Like camping, but this wasn't good). But, I believe being who I am, I couldn't help but think...Animals everywhere have it So Bad!!!! People everywhere have it Bad too!!! As I ate Imagine Tomato Soup, with the only remaining spoon, I thought...Right now a Child is cold and hungry without shelter. Right now Millions of Animals are dying and being tortured...I am Humble, Grateful and... warm.