Tuesday, December 8, 2009

29 Years Ago Today...Peace Can Still Happen-If You Want It.

29 Years Ago Today…
John Lennon was Brutally Murdered outside His Apartment in New York City. I am a huge Fan of all The Beatles, and listen to them (and their solo stuff) quite frequently. But it got me thinking about what changes these Great, Brilliant, World Changing Artists have made in the Last 29 years.
Sadly I feel that while we have made strides toward Peace, they are minuet and move at a very slow pace. John Lennon was Teaching Peace Decades ago to a very Large Crowd, and what has happened to the Message? As I previously said, we have made some advancements, but what about the things that really matter? For instance, those without a voice –Be it a Starving Child, an Abused Spouse, a Beaten Dog or a Pig that was kept in a crate, only seeing the Light of day on the very day it is Brutally Murdered Like John Lennon.
John Lennon Famously said…
War is Over…if you want it.
Yet, not very much has change since his Genius tried to compel the rest of the World to be Non-Violent.
But, his words ring true today, in every way. From the animals we torture and kill-to helping needy children, and even treating a stranger with kindness.
John Lennon also Famously said…
Give Peace a Chance.
Have we Really done either of these things? As far as I see it, we celebrate a memory or a time when we turn on John or The Beatles, but what about the Message?
Lets start Not just celebrating the Music or the trip down Amnesia Lane that it gives us, but let us Live the Life of the Meanings of their music and art.
And Finally, we will never know, sorrowfully, what other Revolutions he could have aroused in us. Though I was too young to Remember him, I will Love him always. But in our Hearts and Minds, we need to Be the Changes, not just Remember them. Peace can Begin Right On Your Plate. And if you get Lost along the way in our Fast, Modern, Selfish World, Apply a word of Wisdom from Mr. John Lennon…

All You Need Is Love

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