Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Heat...From Hassle to Humble in Less than 60 Seconds

Gas was out for 2 days...that really sucked. No heat, No Hot water, No Stove...We used every dish in the House eating Microwaved (Hate it, but thankful we got it!) Soup and Peanut Butter. No showers/handwashing. Space Heaters to thwart off the cold, bundled up in our Hoodies. Tons of People in and out of the House seeing me in my only clean clothes (Super Mario PJ Pants, Ringer Tee and a Plain Black Hoodie). No Sleep. We had a second electric heater in our spare room which kept All the Critters very Warm and Safe. Got it back Last night around 11:15p.m. Everything getting back to normal... It was like a Bad camping trip (I Like camping, but this wasn't good). But, I believe being who I am, I couldn't help but think...Animals everywhere have it So Bad!!!! People everywhere have it Bad too!!! As I ate Imagine Tomato Soup, with the only remaining spoon, I thought...Right now a Child is cold and hungry without shelter. Right now Millions of Animals are dying and being tortured...I am Humble, Grateful and... warm.

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