Monday, December 14, 2009

Also Known as Soulless, Thoughtless Evil Demons That Care Only About Themselves Bad People Fair

There Is something Wrong about the fact that this Beautiful Baby Animal will be Violently Ripped from it's Mother and then Inhumanely Killed.
And People Go on about their "Busy" Day, actually thinking they are "Good" People living in a "Good" World.
And the fact that People can display, watch and then pick out a Baby to be Torn away from it's Mothers side because A Person "Wants" to Kill and Eat!!! It is completely absurd and Must be Stopped!!!!
Luckily it is in our Power to Stop it...If We would ALL just wake up, Feel and Make a Change to Help (and Not Hurt) All Beings on the Earth.

                                                          Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters
A lamb stands with its mother at an enclosure at the agriculture and food fair in Switzerland (Also Known as Soulless, Thoughtless Evil Demons That Care Only About Themselves Bad People Fair)

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