Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Real Cost of Meat

People around the Globe spend very little time focusing on anything other than themselves and the tiny, tiny universe around them (Which is to say that said universe means family, friends and if we are lucky, local community). Most humans never stop to think that the Actions they take and make literally change the World.
When we are so self-involved running Johnny to soccer practice, Jane to Ballet, Working, Cleaning, etc. we do not take even one second to think about the amount of Devastation we are causing by "Just grabbing something to eat."

Be it Animal Suffering, World Hunger/Starvation, Human Health/Obesity/Disease or Actually Going Green!!!

It seems Absurd that in year 2009 (2010 to come in Less than 30 days) we still Eat Animals armed with the knowledge we ALL have.

It is NOT "just grabbing something to eat." It is Changing our World...

Real Cost of Meat Slideshow-Click Link.

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